What happens in a trial lesson ?

After stretching the whole body, we continue with learning basic punches and kicks.

The next part of the lesson is using kick mits to practice your punches and kicks, to improve technique,
release stress and work up a sweat.

You will have a chance after the lesson to ask any questions, if need be.

What questions are usually asked after a trial lesson ?

◆ How many lessons can I attend a week ?

 →After becoming a member, you can attend as many lessons as you wish.

◆ Do I need to make a reservations to attend a class ?

 →No, it is not necessary.
  You can attend any of the classes on the schedule.

◆ How many students usually attend classes ?

 →It depends on the location of the dojo and the season, but anywhere between 10 and 20 people.

◆ Are the basic punches and kicks difficult to remenber?

 →Most people find it a little difficult at first.
  However, after coming a few times, you will find that you are definitely getting better.

◆ How do I become a member ?

 →Please fill out the application form and the bank direct debit form, and hand them in.
  At the same time, please pay the necessary costs (admission fee, monthly fee, Karate uniform fee, and
  punching glove fee) 
  For a more in-depth explanation of the costs, please click the 'System' button.

→You can enjoy either a trial lesson or a personal lesson.

◇Trial lesson
→You can join our usual class and learn karate with other students.
It costs $90 per person.
Karate uniform is available for rent at $37 /person. Total $ 127.
Lessons will be taught during the regular class hours on Monday, Wednesday, and/or Saturday.
If these days don't fit your schedule, you may be able to take lessons during the regular class hours on Tuesday and/or Sunday, upon consultation.

◇Personal lesson
→Mr. Saito, our school's top instructor will give you a person-to-person lesson for 60 minutes. It costs $160 per person.
Karate uniform is available for rent at $37 /person. Total $ 217.
We will decide on you lesson schedule after consultation.
There will be a discount for multiple lessons and/or group lessons. Please ask for details.

Please pay using Paypal.
Please enter the paypal account (the e-mail address registed with Paypal) in the application form.
You will receive a statement later. Please pay at least 5 days before the lesson.
The lesson will be cancelled if we cannot confirm payment at least 5 days before the lesson.
We will refund the full payment if we you cancel at least 2 days before the lesson.
Please note that there will be no refund for the cancellation after that.
Please create a paypal account HERE if you don't have one.


◆ Precauction for application

*Trial lesson at a reduced rate of 2,000yen.
Premise to join us a menber.
In cash only Japanese Yen
*Tourists can enjoy a trial lesson which costs $67per person.
You can join our usual class and learn karate with other students.
Personal lesson $160 per person.
The price is tax-excluded.
Please pay using Paypal.

a. The trial lesson is available for aged 5 years and older.
b. Please make sure to inform us if you cancel the trial lesson after you apply.
Please inform us as much as possible even if the cancel is due to work-related matters on the day.
c. We do not permit the participation of the person who has no interest in membership when you apply as a
group of more than 2 people.
d. Trial Lesson for foreigners who comes from overseas for the sight-seeing or training can be available if the schedule is OK.
Inquiry from travel company or Concierge is appriciated.
Please be noted that the lesson is conducted basically by Japanese.



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    The trial lesson will be only on the class starting from Monday 19:30, Wednesday 19:30, and Saturday 13:00.
    Personal Lessons
    We will on you lesson schedule after consultation.

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