◆Please refer here for fee's, etc for Kid's class

Admission Fee¥12,000Half-off if you sign up on the day of trial lesson .
Monthly Fee¥16,100(general)
Monthly fee entitle you to attend all classes.
・plus ¥160 as a service charge separately for a debit from bank account every month.
Annual Fee¥4,900・Paid in cash when you enter.
(Included to April monthly fee from the following year.)
Karate Uniform¥10,000・For free if you enter the school on the day of the trail lesson.
(There are limited numbers of stocks.)
Glove/Orange Belt¥3,500/¥4,000 
Sport accident insurance¥1,850・on a voluntary basis
(mandatory if you participate in sparring)
Payment for entranceMonthly fee shall be paid for 2 months when you enter.
It shall be for 3 months including the current month if you enter after 21st of the month.

Entrance daygeneralstudent1st - 10th ¥16,100(¥10,300)11st-20th¥ 9,500(¥8,000)21st-end of month¥ 5,000 (¥4,500)                                  
Other remarks・Monthly fee will be paid by electronic withdrawal from the bank account for the 3rd month
and later. (The withdrawal day is 27th of the every month. If that day is Saturday, Sunday or national holiday, the withdrawal will be done on the following working day.)
・Please bring your passbook and a seal you used when you open the bank account.
・Persons who in Japan for a short stay (less than 6 months)
are required to pay an Admission Fee of 12,000 Yen, and 8,500 Yen for a Karate Uniform.
The Annual Fee of 4,500 Yen is not required.


The trial lesson is ¥2,000 per one lesson.
(It will be paid back if you enter on the day of the trial lesson)
Please apply from the below application form.

The trail lesson will be only on the class starting from Wednesday 19:30, and Saturday 13:00.
You can join all the other classes after you enter.
National holiday is closed.

All the man and woman who is interested in Karate and has effort to work on the trial lesson are welcomed.
Please come along!

Karate has a lot of amount of exercise fundamentally.
We are making best effort so that everyone can join, but please understand that even the primary class has the certain level of amount of exercise.