Information of Omotesando Karate Dojo

◆Access to Omotesando-Dojo

Elm Aoyama B1F, Jingumae 3-4-7 Sibuya-ku Tokyo.

◆◆◆ Inside Dojo◆◆◆
The name of Dojo is "DAIYANYAMA Karate school", but located on Omotesando.
The karate dojo is on the first basement floor of this building. The 1st floor is a store of "Azabu Tailor" custom-made suits.

Changing room for women.

※Water, food, thermal sheet and toilet's stocks for 20 persons for 2days are available for the emergency.

◆◆◆ Lesson scenes ◆◆◆

1.A centering meditation before the lesson.

2.Stretching. You can kick higher as you practice.

3.Basic lessons.

4.Kick and Punch by using mitt.

5.Advice is easy to understand for beginners. It's fun!

6.Students joined on this day's lessons.

Karate School Participation Terms and Conditionss and Conditions