DAIKANYAMA Karate School (hereinafter referred to as “the school”) has the following participation terms and conditions. We admit the entrance only for the person who agreed to this terms and conditions. Please confirm this terms and conditions before your apply.

●Article 1. Application

  1. Persons 16 years old and older can apply, in principles.
  2. Application is completed after the specified application form and bank transfer form are submitted, and the specified monthly fees and annual fees are paid.
  3. Monthly fees and annual fees after entrance are paid by electronic withdrawal.
    The student shall be liable for the relevant bank fee.
  4. We may reject the entrance for the person who fall under any of the items in the article 6 (Withdrawal from the school).

●Article 2. Monthly fee and other fees

  1. The school applies the monthly fee system. The withdrawal from the bank is continued unless you inform the recess or withdrawal from the school even if you don’t come to the lessons.
  2. Please inform about recess (more than 1 month) or withdrawal from the school before the 10th of the previous month. If the notice is after 10th, the following month’s fee will be withdrawn.
  3. Monthly fee during recess is ¥1000.
  4. Annual fee shall be paid per year for ¥2000.
  5. The student will have the test to step up to the next level of the belt, as the student progress.
    The fee of the test is necessary. (¥5000-¥7000)
  6. The fee of the test for the black belt is informed separately.
  7. Monthly fee and other fees paid shall not be returned for any reason.

●Article 3. Schedule

  1. The school is closed on the national holiday, in principles.
    The school can be closed on the irregular day for certain reasons.
  2. The trainer or schedule can be changed for certain reasons.
  3. Please refer to the school’s website for any change of the schedule or closing of the school. The school is not responsible for any damage by failing to referring to the website.

●Article 4. Participation to the class

  1. Any notice before the class about participation, tardy or early leaving is not necessary.
  2. The school is not responsible for any compensation for any injury by falling or contact during the class.
  3. The student shall refrain from participating to the class under bad conditions due to such as lack of sleep or hangover.
  4. The instructor or trainer can stop the participation to the class by the student who has any inconvenience such as bad conditions.
  5. Subscription of the sport accident insurance specified by the school is recommended.
    It is mandatory for the participation to the sparring class.

●Article5. Withdrawal from the school

  1. If the student falls under any of the following, the withdrawal from the school shall be processed without the agreement of the student, and no money returned.
    (1) Monthly fee is not paid for 3 months consecutively.
    (2) Annual fee, monthly fee during recess or any other fee is not paid by the certain due date.
    (3) Out of contact for more than 3 months.
    (4) Any act against this terms and conditions, or any false in the application form is admit.
    (5) Any nuisance, obstructive behavior, offensive behavior to the public order and morals,
      or behavior to lose trust for the instructor, trainer, staff or other student of the school is
      conducted or admit by the school’s operator (instructor).

●Article 6. Other remarks

  1. Please keep your valuables by yourself in the school.
    The school is not responsible for any valuables missed or damaged.
  2. Any action to collect the personal information of the other student or induce to the any activity is strongly prohibited during the activity of the school.
  3. In case of the below, the school can claim the payment of the unpaid amount after the withdrawal from the school is processed. If the necessary payment is not conducted,the school can take any legal action.
     (1) Withdrawal from the school by falling under (1) or (2) of Article 5, without payment
           of the necessary fees.
     (2) Giving financial damages to the school by falling under (5) of Article 5.

●Article 7. Responsibility of the school

  1. The school has no relationship to any other Dojo, school or social organization related to Karate martial arts.
  2. The school is not responsible if the student couldn’t achieve the improvement of the physical strength or skill or any other goals by entering the school.

●Article8. Personal Information

  1. The school admit that the personal information submitted by the student by the entrance such as name, address, and telephone numbers are submitted based on the student’s will and agreement.
  2. The school handles the personal information based on the Personal Information Protection Law to avoid the leak.
  3. The school shall not utilize or provide the personal information to the third party by extending beyond the purpose.
    The school shall not answer to the any inquiry about the name, contact of the other students.
  4. The school can send the letter about the school’s class or related information by posting or email.
    The school shall stop them by the certain offer.

●Article 9. Copyright

  1. The copyright and any other rights regarding to the information provided to the student by the school and the information on the school’s website shall belong to the school.
    Any utilization of these information such as unauthorized use, duplication, or transferring, sales, loan, publication, broadcast, posting on the internet website to the third party is prohibited.

●Article 10. Governing law and agreed exclusive jurisdiction

  1. As the governing low and Japanese law of this terms and conditions, any dispute regarding this terms and conditional shall be resolved by the Tokyo Distinct Court as the agreed exclusive jurisdiction for the first trial.

●Article 11. Revision and publicity of the terms and conditions

  1. This terms and conditional can be revised without notice to the student.
    The school post the revise on the website right after the revision as the publicity.

March 31st, 2012
DAIKANYAMA Karate School