1.What motivated you to choose and practice Karate?
When I was in high school, I practiced Taekwondo. I did enjoy it, but as teenager, I chose to stop so I could pursue other activities. As the years passed, I increasingly I felt that it was a mistake not to continue on and achieve a black belt.
While living in Tokyo, I wanted to experience something uniquely Japanese, and thought that by doing Karate, I could correct my earlier mistakes with Taekwondo, and get a quintessential Japanese experience too.
2.Why did you choose the Karate school and personal lessons?
I was looking for personal lessons from a karate school from the outset for a number of reasons. Firstly, I enjoy weights and fitness training, and felt that private lessons would allow me to push myself without being slowed down by others in a group lesson setting. Secondly, it made sense that one on one lessons would provide a much more tailored and specific program. Thirdly, there was absolutely something unique about the idea of individual lessons with a Karate expert in Japan!

When I found the website for Daikanyama Karate School, it offered these options which immediately appealed to me, in addition to the fact that English was available as I spoke no Japanese.

I did an introduction lesson with Saito Sensei and we got along very well from day one. His English is strong enough to communicate effectively, and as I hoped, he was able to evaluate me as an individual and conduct classes based on my strengths and weaknesses.

Saito himself is a blend of old style Japanese discipline, but with a great sense of humour.

3.What, do you think, have changed the most after you start taking the lessons?
Probably focus and perseverance. It would have been easy to stop on a number of occasions. I was doing two classes per week and going well, but soon interruptions outside of our control took over. Lockdowns, large time away visiting home, plus injuries. All served to slow down my advancement and was frustrating.

I always kept in mind the reasons for starting, and was determined to continue. Saito was very helpful in tailoring my training to work around injuries and time away, in addition to keeping me motivated to continue on to achieve a black belt.

4.What are your goals in the future?
I would like to continue learning martial arts in general. I feel that this has given me a good base to explore it further when home in Australia.


1.What motivated you to choose and practice Karate?
I had been boxing in California for 12 years and since I moved to Tokyo last year, I wanted to explore something specifically Japanese.

2.Why did you choose the Karate school and personal lessons?
I did my research. I wanted to find a dojo where I would feel comfortable and belong. It was very important to me that the sensei would be somebody to guide me and also be patient with my poor Japanese skills. I chose personal lessons after meeting Saito-sensei. I found that he was a perfect mix of being an expert but also patient with beginners.

3.What, do you think, have changed the most after you start taking the lessons?
Even just after a few months, I feel like I have made great progress, and I am using my body in ways that I never did while boxing or running marathons. It is more than a workout: it is also a great meditative practice. And I am learning Japanese each week!

4.What are your goals in the future?
I want to get a black belt! Sh?shin Nagamine said that karate is “a life-long marathon which can be won only through self-discipline, hard training and one's own creative efforts." I believe that. So while my specific goal is to stay with karate and get a black belt, I also know that there is no end goal, that for as long as I practice karate, I will be learning more about myself.

Tano Male

1.What motivated you to choose and practice Karate?

Osu! I’m a 43 years old ophthalmologist who recently opened my own clinic.
There are six people in my family, including my dear wife and four children.
Ever since I was a high school student, I’ve always thought of Karate as:
①A sport which allows practitioners to not only train their physical strength but also their spirit
②A tool for protecting oneself in time of needs
③A world-class martial art unique to the Japanese culture
Personally, I’ve always wanted to practice Karate. However, my experience of martial art stopped at the short training sessions at introduction schools when I was still a high school student. After marrying, the marriage life which requires balancing between work and parental care sapped me of my own free time.
As they grow up, my children became shy and withdrawn. Hoping to boost their confidence and support their growth in the future, I choose this period to begin learning Karate. Upholding my decision, I started looking for a school where I can learn the martial art.


Therese Female

1.What motivated you to choose and practice Karate?
I wanted to express a part of myself that cannot be expressed in my everyday life.

2.Why did you choose the Karate school and personal lessons?
I was looking for a school that is conveniently located and offers private lessons because I wanted to learn the techniques quickly and accurately. Daikanyama Karate School provides just what I need. I like the way Saito Shihan pays attention to details and customises the lessons to suit my pace and interests.

3.What, do you think, have changed the most after you start taking the lessons?
At first, I felt a bit nervous and tended to think too much about each move. As time went on, I feel more relaxed and instead of relying on mental concentration, I can let my body do the movements by itself. I also feel fitter in general.

4.What are your goals in the future?
I would like to perfect the basic techniques, build stamina and learn more sequences.

Iwamoto Male

1.What motivated you to choose and practice Karate?
I became interested in Karate after seeing it featured on the TV.
After looking at the information on the school’s website, knowing that the school also offers personal lessons, I’ve decided to try practicing the martial art.

2.Why did you choose the Karate school and personal lessons?
Due to the nature of my work, I can only practice Karate during the morning on Thursday. It was very fortunate for me as the instructor gladly agreed to hold personal lessons for me during this time.
In addition, I decided to take personal lessons as I would like to learn each technique in the most accurate and thorough manner.

3.What, do you think, have changed the most after you start taking the lessons?
I stopped my habit of drinking after 20:00 PM on the day before our training sessions.

4.What are your goals in the future?
I will achieve the black-belt grade in 2020!


Great experience for all the family!
Daikanyama Karate School led by Saito-sensei is a great way to learn and enjoy karate.
Friendly atmosphere, good spirit and dedicated and supportive teachers.
If you`re new to Karate or willing to learn new things, if you live in Japan or just visiting Tokyo, please, come to try.


Private Karate class.

Sensei Hideyuki Saito was great. My son and I practice Shotokan karate and we were happy to learn some new techniques from Sensei. He is very hospitable and welcoming!!! Great experience while traveling in Japan.


Great Karate School

After several years without practicing Karate, I've resumed Karate in this dojo in Nov 2016. Despite the classes are in Japanese, Saito Sensei always help us with some words in English, helping us to memorize the kicks and punch in Japanese.
Classes schedule is very flexible and the location is great (near omotesando station). Additionally, this Dojo have a good ambiance with very nice people training here. This is a perfect place for start practicing Karate.


Very coming and obliging.
I was quite impressed that as a brown belt in a different style (Wad?-ry?), I was welcomed here and allowed the privilege of attending the intermediate class from day one. I found some differences compared to what I was used to and far more attention to the break down of each move whereas I was previously focused on start, finish and whether it had blocked/hit correctly.
The teacher has functional English but some of the other students are fluent, so communication was not a serious issue at any point. Would recommend it for anybody with previous martial arts experience, especially Karate.


Karate with the Japanese Spirit.
I joined Daikanyama Karate School in June 2016 and I’ve been hooked on working out here ever since! I love Saito-sensei’s friendly, careful, and sometimes tough instructions. He’s always patient with us when he explains how to do karate. He teaches us not only the techniques of karate, but also the manners and discipline of martial arts. If you're interested in practicing karate with the Japanese spirit, come and join us!


Karate school for all.

Whether you want to learn karate, to stay physically fit, or just want to have fun, Daikanyama Karate School is for you. I have always wanted to try Karate but I hesitated before because I was not very physically fit. But Daikanyama Karate School has a very friendly atmosphere that welcomes all ages, gender, and skill. I am a Muslim woman and wearing my hijab is not an issue at all. Saito sensei is very approachable. It is an honor to learn Karate from Japan National Champion. ? Also, it is very accessible.


Friendly atmosphere
I started learning karate at Daikanyama Karate School in February 2017. I chose this school after doing a trial lesson because of the friendly atmosphere. Saito Sensei is very welcoming to foreigners joining the class and it is easy to understand, even if you don't speak Japanese. If you'd like to learn karate and get a good workout in a fun and friendly atmosphere, I recommend this school.


I have been interested in Budo since I was child.
However, I was not enough motivated to start because I'm not good at exercise, and worried about the tough atmosphere.
I was also worried that maybe I can’t continue if there are so many classes per week.
Then, finally I found Daikanyama Karate School, when I was looking for any school to solve my lack of exercise and improve my toughness.
I thought I can keep learning in this school, so I signed up right after the trail lesson.
The reason I chose this school is
1. good location
2. The exercise room and changing room are clean and nice.
3. Good and polite lesson
My toughness improved than before, and also I became good at controlling my mind with refreshment by the lesson every week. I can switch my mind very easily.
The happiest surprise is that my poor blood circulation is cured!
I will keep learning Karate with fun with my own pace.


Two and half years has passed since I started learning at Daikanyama Karate School.
I signed up the trial lesson because I had been interested in Karate. At that time, I was not satisfied with my everyday with lot of work and lack of exercise.
I signed up the school right after the trial lesson, because I liked the warm atmosphere.
It’s very cool to make my loud voice, kick up the mitt, and sweat!
I can be intimate with people who I don’t meet usually, by sharing the time together here.
I like the moment that I leave the school with saying “see you next week!”
Now I can play the technique or Kata form which I had felt very difficult at the beginning. I was so glad when I found my growth. I am so happy when my belt color become the one with the higher level!
I would like to keep learning Karate with fun and with my own pace.


I wanted to start Karate for long to protect myself after my scary experience in abroad.
I chose this school because I liked the schedule, atmosphere and location. It looked so good to keep learning.
Saito Sensei’s lesson fits the level of each student and the purpose. He is very good at motivating each student. So I think everyone can keep learning with fun regardless of their level.
Now two and half years has passed since I started with the purpose of self-defense and daily excise. It’s now completely my part of habits. It’s so cool to sweat with exercise, and it’s a refreshment among my daily life and work.
I often feel that there is a close relationship among physical strength, life rhythm and daily tension. So I try to go to class even when I am very busy with my work.
I would like to keep improving myself with fun.


Daikanyama Karate School is quite unique for foreigners living in Japan: On the one hand, it combines Japanese discipline that you would expect in a Karate school but on the other hand it is friendly and warm. The founder and head-teacher, Saito-Sensi, has a 5th Dan with impeccable style and force and he will make you sweat and breathless but then he will also make the whole class laugh and smile often.
Whether you are in your twenties or fifties, it does not make a difference and you will fit seemlessly. Also if you are a woman and feel uncomfortable to be in an aggressive martial arts environment, you don't have to worry about that as DKS is not that and many classes have 80% women and the assistant teacher is a wonderful lady, Ohshima-Sensei, with a second Dan black belt who will fix the smallest imperfection in your technique. Also Daikanyama Karate School is located in a nice neighborhood, Omotesando, and you can attend as many classes as you want (once per month or 4 times per week) for the same monthly fee.
Whether you want to learn self-defense, or you want to be fit, or simply loose weight, you will achieve it and feel confortable at DKS. I personally never felt more fit in the last 30 years than I do now and I always dreaded every time I had to go to a gym, whereas now I am allways excited about my next class.
Come and try one lesson, I think you will not regret it...
Dr. Karim Said


For the first several years since I started working, my lifestyle was work-centered and I didn’t have enough time to do anything else for myself.
As a student I had been involved with karate, so I decided to try it again in order to add excitement and fulfillment to my life.
I had been learning karate in my high school and college, but it was frustrating to adapt myself to new karate style when I first joined this school.
However, thanks to the grand master and the school members’ courteous instructions, all my worries were gone.The more I practiced, the more I became fascinated with this new karate style and even enjoyed learning variety of new things.
The reason I am interested in karate is not only because I like karate, but also because I am attracted to this school atmosphere, the grandmaster, and members.
Although, the students are all different ages and nationalities with various jobs, and backgrounds, there are no barriers, we have a great relationship and we respect and help each other.
It is an extraordinary time and experience sweating together with such great teammates.
This school is a place where I can feel a sense of unity and comfort as if I were going to school and seeing my life-long friends.
It is easily to be influenced by the environment and lose my way at work, but once I put on my karate uniform and tie the belt, I can reboot my mind, and can get a sense of myself.
Karate is not just a sport, but it’s an essential thing and has become a part of my lifestyle.
As the name “karate-do” implies, you can make your own karate path, so continuous effort and practice is important for karate
I can say karate is very deep martial art.
Although I have been practicing karate for nearly 10 years, I still have no techniques that I could have been able to master perfectly.
That’s because I can feel that the more I practice, the more I can improve.
Dedicated practice will never betray me, that is the attractive point of karate for me.
Looking forward to seeing the results of my continuing effort and imagining how much I can progress in the future are what boost my motivation.
I hope that as many people as possible can come and learn the real fun of karate.
With this school’s grand master and teammates, I’m sure you can enjoy karate twice or three times as much!
If you are interested, please feel free to visit this karate school.
We are all looking forward to working hard together with you!


004.JPGI wasn’t used to exercise and I didn’t do anything although I felt I need to.
One day, I had chance to measure my body composition, which made me surprised and feel like starting something because I had higher percentage of body fat and lesser muscle mass than I had expected.
I found “Karate” while I was searching for many kinds of enrichment lesson. I imagined that it must be cool if I could master Karate. Then, I ran across the website of Daikanyama Karate School. The atmosphere looked nice as there are many women, and also it was attractive that I can attend the class as many as I want per month.
I decided to sign up on the day of trial lesson because the lesson by Saito-Sensei and other instructors was easy to understand, and the contents of lesson looked easy to continue even for the beginners.
10 months has passed since I started. The percentage of my body fat decreased for 10% to the average level. My muscle increased moderately and my metabolism improved.
Moving my body and letting out my voice can reduce my stress. To realize my improvement every time I attend the class provides me a motivation.
I am eager to improve myself more by lesson.


After an exhausting day of work, I love attending karate class and shouting “Osu!”.
I enjoy karate for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is it’s sense of progress. Karate belts give you a concrete goal to strive towards. Each belt has it’s own requirements. I enjoy setting my own personal goals, and moving at my own pace. Each belt attained conveys a sense of accomplishment and visible progress.
As you progress through the ranks of belts, you notice changes in yourself. Not only have I gotten into better shape, but I’ve also noticed improved concentration and positive changes in my sleeping habits. Overall, I feel healthier and more energetic.
As a foreigner (from America), karate class is also a great place to learn new Japanese that I wouldn’t normally pickup in my daily life. Where else could I learn how to say “driving knife-hand collarbone strike” in Japanese? 🙂
I always enjoy attending class at Daikanyama Karate School. While the workout itself may be tough, the atmosphere and the general instruction is always enjoyable. All the students seem to get along with each other, and it is friendly environment. The explanations from the teachers are clear and concise, and I learn something new at almost every class.
For me, karate is something I really enjoy and want to continue practicing for as long as I physically can. I know a karate instructor who lays on his bed each night and practices his side-kicks before going to sleep - he is 89 years old. I use this as a personal motivation to keep improving and having fun while doing it. Osu!

Kojima’s black belt report 2012.11.24

te was different from that of Daikanyama Karate school, I was confused first even to take the position to the ready.
However, I took part in the class as much as possible especially for the day of the week which I decided to go, because I was glad to realize my progress every time.
Participation in the class also gave me powers even after I was depressed by my work at the office.
After three and half years in the school, I was advised by Saito Shihan to try test for the black belt.
What you are requested to do at the test for the black belt depends the situation of each students. What I was requested to do was to show my Pin-An Kata from 1st Pin-An to 4th Pin-An for two times each.
On the day of the test, I was too nervous to show my Kara perfectly in the atmosphere of the class which is totally different from usual. However, I got chance to show my Kata again to finish my test successfully, and I was approved to have my black belt.
My school mates encouraged me, and some of them even stayed late in Dojo just to see and await the outcome of my test, which means they gave me powers also on the day of the test!
After my entrance to the school three and half years ago, my techniques of Karate improved, and also my humanity improved by the interaction with my school mates.
Finally, I want to express my sincere appreciation for Saito Shihan, Oshima teacher and everyone who has continued the lesson with me.
I will keep my lesson with enjoy as same as before. I would be grateful for your support. Thank you.

Akane Kojima