Personl lesson

The former Japan champion Saito Shihan will thoroughly teach all students from complete beginners to experts.

Students can feel their progress as they participate in the 60 minute individual lessons.

Unlike a standard group lesson, the session is completely dedicated to the individual student.

The former Japan champion Shihan, who has personally trained over 1000 students, will use all of his experience and techniques to train the student.

He will willingly part with all of his knowledge on how to gain skill, so students will experience greatly accelerated progress.
Students can positively feel progress each time they participate in the 60 minute lessons.

Payment methods

Mr. Saito, our school's top instructor will give you a person-to-person lesson for 60 minutes. It costs $160 per person.

Karate uniform is available for rent at $35/person.

We will decide on you lesson schedule after consultation.

Residents of Japan can pay via bank transfer or cash.Students outside of Japan are required to pay via PayPal.Discounts are available for multiple sessions.


1.What motivated you to choose and practice Karate?

When I was in high school, I practiced Taekwondo. I did enjoy it, but as teenager, I chose to stop so I could pursue other activities. As the years passed, I increasingly I felt that it was a mistake not to continue on and achieve a black belt.
While living in Tokyo, I wanted to experience something uniquely Japanese, and thought that by doing Karate, I could correct my earlier mistakes with Taekwondo, and get a quintessential Japanese experience too.
2.Why did you choose the Karate school and personal lessons?
I was looking for personal lessons from a karate school from the outset for a number of reasons. Firstly, I enjoy weights and fitness training, and felt that private lessons would allow me to push myself without being slowed down by others in a group lesson setting. Secondly, it made sense that one on one lessons would provide a much more tailored and specific program. Thirdly, there was absolutely something unique about the idea of individual lessons with a Karate expert in Japan!

When I found the website for Daikanyama Karate School, it offered these options which immediately appealed to me, in addition to the fact that English was available as I spoke no Japanese.

I did an introduction lesson with Saito Sensei and we got along very well from day one. His English is strong enough to communicate effectively, and as I hoped, he was able to evaluate me as an individual and conduct classes based on my strengths and weaknesses.

Saito himself is a blend of old style Japanese discipline, but with a great sense of humour.

3.What, do you think, have changed the most after you start taking the lessons?
Probably focus and perseverance. It would have been easy to stop on a number of occasions. I was doing two classes per week and going well, but soon interruptions outside of our control took over. Lockdowns, large time away visiting home, plus injuries. All served to slow down my advancement and was frustrating.

I always kept in mind the reasons for starting, and was determined to continue. Saito was very helpful in tailoring my training to work around injuries and time away, in addition to keeping me motivated to continue on to achieve a black belt.

4.What are your goals in the future?
I would like to continue learning martial arts in general. I feel that this has given me a good base to explore it further when home in Australia.

1.What motivated you to choose and practice Karate?

I had been boxing in California for 12 years and since I moved to Tokyo last year, I wanted to explore something specifically Japanese.

2.Why did you choose the Karate school and personal lessons?
I did my research. I wanted to find a dojo where I would feel comfortable and belong. It was very important to me that the sensei would be somebody to guide me and also be patient with my poor Japanese skills. I chose personal lessons after meeting Saito-sensei. I found that he was a perfect mix of being an expert but also patient with beginners.

3.What, do you think, have changed the most after you start taking the lessons?
Even just after a few months, I feel like I have made great progress, and I am using my body in ways that I never did while boxing or running marathons. It is more than a workout: it is also a great meditative practice. And I am learning Japanese each week!

4.What are your goals in the future?
I want to get a black belt! Sh?shin Nagamine said that karate is “a life-long marathon which can be won only through self-discipline, hard training and one's own creative efforts." I believe that. So while my specific goal is to stay with karate and get a black belt, I also know that there is no end goal, that for as long as I practice karate, I will be learning more about myself.

1.What motivated you to choose and practice Karate?

Osu! I’m a 43 years old ophthalmologist who recently opened my own clinic.
There are six people in my family, including my dear wife and four children.
Ever since I was a high school student, I’ve always thought of Karate as:
①A sport which allows practitioners to not only train their physical strength but also their spirit
②A tool for protecting oneself in time of needs
③A world-class martial art unique to the Japanese culture
Personally, I’ve always wanted to practice Karate. However, my experience of martial art stopped at the short training sessions at introduction schools when I was still a high school student. After marrying, the marriage life which requires balancing between work and parental care sapped me of my own free time.
As they grow up, my children became shy and withdrawn. Hoping to boost their confidence and support their growth in the future, I choose this period to begin learning Karate. Upholding my decision, I started looking for a school where I can learn the martial art.
2.Why did you choose the Karate school and personal lessons?
I believe personal lessons help to train practitioners better compared to group lessons.
At first, I found it exceptionally challenging to find the right school which could accept both me and my children. However, it was very fortunate for me to find the Daikanyama Karate School, which readily accept us for personal lessons.
Choosing to take on personal lessons allows us to adjust our lesson time. What’s more, it’s also encouraging to be able to take the lessons together with our children.
At the moment, the task of going to the Karate class on Sunday morning has become one of our family’s events.
3.What, do you think, have changed the most after you start taking the lessons?
Our children started enjoying Karate a lot, especially as they feel secured training alone with their family while learning from our teacher’s skillful instructions.
Our children’s school life also changed a lot. It seemed that the children have become more confident as well, seeing how they gave presentations on the parents’ observation day, and how they were chosen as the class’s presentative for the relay contest.
Although our children also cry sometimes as they couldn’t keep up with the strict, yet affectionate instructions from the teacher, I believe these strict instructions contributed greatly to our children’s growth.
4.What are your goals in the future?
Personally, I’m aiming to achieve the grade of black-belt, participate in, and bring back a trophy from competitions.
As for our children, it will be up to them to decide whether they want to continue practicing or not. However, I will fully support them if they choose to continue practicing the martial art.
It would be wonderful if our children can also achieve a black-belt.
5.A word from the intervieweeOur children always claim that:
“We really like our teacher! We truly like Karate!”

1.What motivated you to choose and practice Karate?

I wanted to express a part of myself that cannot be expressed in my everyday life.
2.Why did you choose the Karate school and personal lessons?
I was looking for a school that is conveniently located and offers private lessons because I wanted to learn the techniques quickly and accurately. Daikanyama Karate School provides just what I need. I like the way Saito Shihan pays attention to details and customises the lessons to suit my pace and interests.
3.What, do you think, have changed the most after you start taking the lessons?
At first, I felt a bit nervous and tended to think too much about each move. As time went on, I feel more relaxed and instead of relying on mental concentration, I can let my body do the movements by itself. I also feel fitter in general.
4.What are your goals in the future?
I would like to perfect the basic techniques, build stamina and learn more sequences.

1.What motivated you to choose and practice Karate?

I became interested in Karate after seeing it featured on the TV.
After looking at the information on the school’s website, knowing that the school also offers personal lessons, I’ve decided to try practicing the martial art.
2.Why did you choose the Karate school and personal lessons?
Due to the nature of my work, I can only practice Karate during the morning on Thursday. It was very fortunate for me as the instructor gladly agreed to hold personal lessons for me during this time.
In addition, I decided to take personal lessons as I would like to learn each technique in the most accurate and thorough manner.
3.What, do you think, have changed the most after you start taking the lessons?
I stopped my habit of drinking after 20:00 PM on the day before our training sessions.
4.What are your goals in the future?
I will achieve the black-belt grade in 2020!

I have old injuries from aggressive sports during my school days and dance lessons, so I starting coming to this school because I wanted to practice budo keiko with my bare feet. My stiff shoulders feel better, and my hip joint movements are more smoother. I was too busy to join in the group lessons and received Personal lessons. I had previously learned through a process of watching and imitating, but because Saito Sensei taught me very thoroughly and repeated keiko many times, I learned the moves very well and gained more confidence. I look forward to learning more.

 I really like Saito Sensei’s friendly, thorough, and sometimes strict teachings. The Sensei will teach not only karate techniques, but also the manners and rules of budo. Individual lessons allow you to accurately focus on areas that are difficult to focus on during group lessons and techniques that you are unskilled in, so you can feel your technique improving very well.

I practiced karate in my home country for several years, and I started again when I moved to Japan.
Tsuki and keri are Japanese terms, but other terms are described in English, which is good for me. The location is also very good, and it is an excellent place to study karate.

Masashi  boy
Thank you very much for training me in a positive way all the time. Our entire family is in heartfelt gratitude to you. Thanks to the Sensei, I can feel my worldview expanding. I hope to further receive encouragement by receiving a promotion to orange belt. I look forward to studying more with the Sensei.


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*Trial lesson at a reduced rate of 2,000yen.
Premise to join us a menber.
In cash only Japanese Yen
*Tourists can enjoy a trial lesson which costs $67per person.
You can join our usual class and learn karate with other students.
Personal lesson $160 per person.
The price is tax-excluded.
Please pay using Paypal.

a. The trial lesson is available for aged 5 years and older.
b. Please make sure to inform us if you cancel the trial lesson after you apply.
Please inform us as much as possible even if the cancel is due to work-related matters on the day.
c. We do not permit the participation of the person who has no interest in membership when you apply as a
group of more than 2 people.
d. Trial Lesson for foreigners who comes from overseas for the sight-seeing or training can be available if the schedule is OK.
Inquiry from travel company or Concierge is appriciated.
Please be noted that the lesson is conducted basically by Japanese.



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