Please refer to the below if you would like to sign up or trial lesson.
Please email if you have any query which is not clarified below.
Please allow it may take a few days to reply.

▼ You can find trial lesson application form here. ▼


◆ I have never done Karate before and I’m a little nervous.

→This class is for beginners, up to intermediate level, Don’t worry, the class is not dangerous in any way.
  Just come along and have fun.

◆ I do not exercise regularly and My body is not very flexible.
  Can I still study Karate?

→Most new students in the class are in the same situation,and can not raise their legs very high when kicking.
  However,, stretching regularly prior to the class (and at home too) while concentrating on correct form in class
  will soon give positive results.
  Regular attendance will allow you to kick higher, and make your body more flexible.

◆ What do I wear in the class?

→Any clothes you feel comfortable will be acceptable.
  But students are recommended to wear karate uniforms in order to fill then with motivation.
  You are asked to practice barefoot in the class.
  Please bring your own towel and water bottle.

 ◇ What do we do during trial lesson?

    →You can take part in the class for the beginners, Wednesday 19:30- or Saturday 13:00-.
    You will learn basic techniques of Karate slowly. (Booking in advance is necessary)
    Please come to Dojo no later than 10 minutes before the start of the lesson.

 ◇ Is there any woman in the class?

    →70% of our students are women.
    Most of them started Karate without experience, and having fun for the lesson.

 ◇ What kind of practice will I do in the class?

    →Classes for beginners will be challenging but not overly demanding.
    Students will be taught basic Karate forms such as "kata", "tsuki(punch)", "keri(kick)"
    from the basics carefully.
    Even if you've never tried Karate before, you will have nothing to worry about.

 ◇ Classes will be taught by Japanese?

    →Classes will be taught simultaneously in Japanese .
    Even if you cannot understand Japanese you can learn from watching and practicing.

 ◇ What school of Karate will I belong to?

    →Our Karate doesn’t belong to any school.
    It’s our original Karate which is taught directly by the representative Saito.
    Some students had belonged to the various schools such as Shoto-kan, Wado-ryu, Goju-ryu,
    and Kyokushin-kan.
    But most of the students had no experience of Karate before becoming the member of our Dojo.

 ◇ Can I use my black belt? Can I start from the black belt?

    →Basically, you will start from the white belt even if you are experienced of Karate.
    However, necessary time to get black belt tends to be shorter rather than other student
    who has no experience of Karate before.

 ◇ How many years does it take to get the black belt?

    →Usually it takes about 5years. But of course this depends on how much you practice.
    Blackbelts in Karate are only for people who decide to devote a lot of time to practice learning karate
    both mentally and physically.

◆ Notice for foreigners who would like to stay in Japan to learn karate with us.

→We sometimes receive inquiries from foreigners who wish to stay in Japan for a wile to learn karate with us.

 Our karate school welcomes foreigners who join us as one of our students.
 But we are afraid to imform you that we cannot be a personal guarantor for foreigners who are coming to Japan,
 and we don't issue the invitation letters for them.
 Foreigners who intend to stay in Japan need to find their place to live and their jobs by themselves.
 We appreciate your understanding.

◆ For foreigners who come to Japan for sightseeing.

You can learn Karate in Japan, the home of karate, from Japanese teachers.
The master, who is a former Japanese champion, will teach classes from the students with no Karate experience to the students with Black belt.

→You can enjoy either a trial lesson or a personal lesson.

Trial lessons for travelers are currently suspended. We will notify you when it resumes.

◇Trial lesson

→You can join our usual class and learn karate with other students.
It costs $64 per person.
Karate uniform is available for rent at $36/person. Total $ 100.
Lessons will be taught during the regular class hours on Monday, Wednesday, and/or Saturday.
If these days don't fit your schedule, you may be able to take lessons during the regular class hours on Tuesday and/or Sunday, upon consultation.

◇Personal lesson

→Mr. Saito, our school's top instructor will give you a person-to-person lesson for 60 minutes. It costs $160 per person.
Karate uniform is available for rent at $35/person.
We will decide on you lesson schedule after consultation.
There will be a discount for multiple lessons and/or group lessons. Please ask for details.


Please pay using Paypal.
Please enter the paypal account (the e-mail address registed with Paypal) in the application form.
You will receive a statement later. Please pay at least 5 days before the lesson.
The lesson will be cancelled if we cannot confirm payment at least 5 days before the lesson.
We will refund the full payment if we you cancel at least 2 days before the lesson.
Please note that there will be no refund for the cancellation after that.
Please create a paypal account HERE if you don't have one.

▼ You can find trial lesson application form here. ▼


◆ Is the class available for any age?

→Classes are available for students aged 5 years and older.

◆ Where are the school located?

→4 minutes walk from Omotesando station on the Ginza, Chiyoda and Hanzomon lines.
  Please refer to “ACCESS” for the details.

◆ What time are the classes?

→Please refer to “SCHEDULE” on the website.

◆ How much is the fee?

→Please refer to “SYSTEM” on the website.

◆ How much is the fee necessary for the sign up?

→Trial lesson fee is 2000 yen, which is not necessary if you sign up on the day of the trial lesson.
Tourists can enjoy a trial lesson which costs 7000 yen per person.

  If you sign up on the day of the trial lesson, we will present Karate uniform (8500 yen).

  If you would like to sign up on the day of the trial lesson, below fees are necessary.

-Entrance fee 12,000 yen Half-off if you bsign up on the day of trial lesson.
-Initial fee: monthly fee for 2 month; 23,400 yen (different for student)
-Glove fee: 3500 yen/Orange Belt 3,000 yen
-Annual fee 4,500 yen
-Bank account number
-Personal seal registered to the bank if you have any. Usually it’s
-Sports accident insurance (on a voluntary basis)

Persons who in Japan for a short stay (less than 6 months)
are required to pay an Admission Fee of 12,000 Yen, and 8,500 Yen for a Karate Uniform.
The Annual Fee of 4,500 Yen is not required.

 ◇ I don’t have bank account in Japan.

    →If you will stay more than 6 month after you sign up, opening bank account is necessary.
    If you don’t have bank account, you can open the account after you sign up.

◆ I am only staying in Japan for a short time. 
  Can I pay in cash rather than by bank transfer ?

→For anyone staying in Japan less than 6 months, paying in cash is OK,
  but two months fees should be paid once every 2 months. For anyone staying longer than 6 months,
   fees should be paid by bank transfer.

 ◇ Can you act as my guarantor?

    →Please understand that we can’t act as any guarantors during your stay in Japan.

▼ You can find trial lesson application form here. ▼