Daikanyama Karate School
You can find our Dojo in a good location which is 4 minutes walk from Omotesando station which is the center of Japanese information, culture and fashion.
With safety, fun and progress in mind, you will quickly improve at our classes.
With careful consideration of a beginner’s progress, style is improved at a smooth and steady pace.
These classes are for all of you who want to be stronger, fitter leaner, healthier, have more energy and learn about Japanese Karate Spirit.
All classes are taught by Hide Saito-Japan’s champion 03 & 04.
Please apply from the trial lesson application form. Please email if you have any queries.Please allow it may take a few days to reply.

*Trial lesson at a reduced rate of 2,000yen, which is not necessary if you sign up on the day of the trial lesson. We will present Karate uniform if you sign up on the day of the trial lesson.

My Profile

Hi, this is HIDE SAITO. I've practiced Karate for 30 years and had a Black Belt for more than 20 years. I was Japan's champion in 2003 and 2004.I've been wanting to teach the traditional martial art of"Karate"to foreigners living in Japan. Regardless of your sex, body type and motor coordination, you can successfully learn Karate that will make both your body and sprit stronger and improve your quality of life.
I hope as many people as possible can learn Karate Spirit.(OSU).